Write to see – a symposium on artist texts

  • Hanna Rolof, installation view

    Marthe Ramm Fortun has invited us to participate at the symposium “Write to See” on artist texts. There will be readings and a conversation about the language we use to talk about art. Are we speaking clearly?

    More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298488963927443/

    Write to See; a symposium on artist texts

    Galleri Seilduken, KHiO 17:00-18:50

    A reoccurring debate in the Norwegian national press claims that artists and art students deliberately use an obscure language to exclude the audience. Such statements could underestimate the audience’s ability to read complex texts, and underpin the capitalist idea of the artist as entrepeneur, marketing her work efficiently to demonstrate that she is producing something of value to society. All the same, artists write love letters and coded messages to the audience.