Trippin’ at the gates of womb

Nora Joung, Ding Dong

Kunstnernes Hus

  • Nora Joung, Ding Dong. Kunstnernes Hus. Photo: UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund)

    Schlumping down on the oversized couch while looking at the big video screen, I felt tiny and out of control, like a miniature child.

    I had a «womb-y» experience. Remember the constant pulsating sound – like a heart beat. We were inside this safe environment peeking out on a hazy, blurry video-world we couldn’t understand. I also felt hungry. There was this voice telling me stuff like: «the wish to eat». Did you read the press release, get a sense of what’s going on?

    No, I’ve held it in my hand several times, but it was very long. Anyways, she was kinda popping thoughts into our heads.

    On the floor there was this blue rug with a grid system that looked like lasers or floating things with a shadow or a tartan. Some lines were painted in fluorescent color so they didn’t show all the time, while other lines were made of twine which made them look as if they were floating, fleeting, above the rug. The grid system looked symmetrical, but then it didn’t.

    The video had a super blurry filter over all of the imagery which made everything look pretty and ethereal. Most of the screen presented random blue stuff, just flickering colors. At other times it would be hazy commercials, a soccer game and something political looking. All stuff you pass when channel surfing. But then there was some really artsy video in there as well.

    Imagine zapping through the weather channel, Ice Road Truckers, reality-TV, and then suddenly: hardcore video art. 

    I felt like being fed with different emotions, and it reminded me of an experience where I was «under the influence» looking at TV – and whatever it was showing would change our mood so profoundly. From pastoral happiness to eerie, like chilled to the bone, fright. It took us a while to realize how much we were in the control of the TV, and then we turned it off.

    We might be onto something here: under the influence… The big couch and immersive TV-installation created an atmosphere where I felt disassociated from my body, not like chained up in a rotten basement disassociated, but disoriented. And I was trying to make sense of everything, like painstalkingly trying to make sense: the grid system, the voices, the lights, the blurry TV, but it just didn’t add up. The heart beats, on the other hand, made me very self aware and conscious of my own body.

    Yes, trippin’! What I didn’t appreciate so much was the architecture which looked kinda handcrafted. I wish those big lamps were more elegant, hidden or something. And the couch was pretty clumpy. Some of the details gave the immersive experience away and made me feel like I was on the set of a TV-show.

    Overall, it felt like an expression of bewilderment at the world outside our interior lives. But I’m not sure if I was comfortable in this…maybe nihilistic… childlike position. My instincts tell me to keep searching for meaning. I wanted to get off the couch, TUNE IN, drop out. Not Drop out and Plop Out. 

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