Release of second issue at Summit bar

  • Dearest avid readers, friends and family, come join us at Summit Bar, January 19th from 12 – 16, for the launch of the second printed edition of Vi ser på kunst!

    THIS summer it was impossible to refrain from constantly refreshing Yr, the weather app. It had been an endless winter, and finally when the sun came back, it wouldn’t stop shining. Would it ever rain again? Is climate-angst a diagnose?

    Looking for answers, we turned to the artists who painted in the late 1800s while facing the technological revolution we now must revolutionize again in order not to drown or become incinerated, – hoping they could teach us something about optimism and artistic production amidst upheaval. Our comparative ideas, however, soon proved too lofty, too complicated, and we quickly figured that we can only tackle issues more familiar: food, books, paintings. The things we know: intimate matter, boyfriends, clothes. – Looking with one eye to the past and one eye on today.

    Still we wonder, what will the world look like when the art of today looks as old as the art of the turn of 20th century?

    Because we are so high minded, we invite you for drinks and magazines at the very top of the Radisson Blue hotel where we will eventually become low minded.

    For more info, see the Facebook event here:

    Texts and contributions by

    Andreas Breivik
    Victoria Duffee
    Marcel Alcalá
    Sofie Amalie Andersen
    Marie Askeland Gundersen
    Ane Graff
    Jorunn Hancke Øgstad
    Tariq Hindic
    Geir Tore Holm
    Kristine Jakobsen
    Henrik Olai Kaarstein
    Markus Langen
    Toke Lykkeberg
    Øystein Sjåstad
    Paul Verdell
    Agatha Wara

    Vi ser på kunst is edited by Andreas Breivik and Victoria Duffee. Design by Sara Risvaag

    We are very grateful for the support from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and Stiftelsen Fritt Ord