Lines and Caricatures

Olav Bøkestad "Drawings 1989 – 1994” at SCHLOSS

  • Schloss opened their season last week showing early drawings and caricatures by the mysterious artist Olav Bøkestad. Bøkestad, however, is the psevdonym of the more famous photographer Torbjørn Rødland. The drawings conjured sexual fantasies, reflections on academic lines, and caused those suppressed memories from art school spring to the surface.

    Torbjørn Rødland, The Writer, undated

    Let’s do this quick because it’s like everybody’s first opening after summer, and can you sense the awkwardness? – Yes, I have already been here for a while, starting to get drunk.

    Well OK, the time is just right.

    So, I have looked at all the drawings and I figured out that this one is my favourite. Can you understand why?

    I dont know…?

    But don’t you get that immediate feeling you can relate to?

    Oh because it’s like a, like a… Is it like a dick?

    NnnooooOOoo! I mean it’s weird eyes, the nose, the mouth

    Ooh I see. Like that expression of how you feel inside.

    Yeaaahh, this alien grandma flirt. And then, yes, it’s also a bit aroused. And look at those little hands, they are so sweet, but also up to no good.

    Torbjørn Rødland, Glasnost, 1990

    You know it’s actually really sad that Andreas isn’t here to see this. Did you know his grandfather did caricatures? And that’s like the hardest genre to pull off.

    I’m sure you would have to do the something consistently all the time.

    Yeah, you also got to have a good line, be funny and not too…. Whereas, about modernist artists you can always say “oh yes what a fine line, bla bla”. But to make caricatures, you have to be funny and tell a story.

    That’s true. Besides, I like this fancy museum way of displaying work on paper,

    Yeah, very haute, and it’s nice to see it in a garage like this.

    These drawings ARE VERY relatable. Just look at the attention to detail in that possum asshole

    Yesyesyes, but awwww, look at that gremlin! Torbjørn Rødland, The Writer, undated Torbjørn Rødland, Glasnost, 1990 From the gremlin and the possum, we direct our attention to the only colour pencil drawing in the show. This one depicts a chubby cheeked young boy wearing a winter coat and knit hat.

    Isn’t this just like the soul of Norway?

    Well yeaahhh, a little bit sometimes. But it also reminds me of the kid from the Christmas Story, the one who gets his tongue stuck to the light post.

    Sure, but it´s actually a pastiche on Jealousy by Edvard Munch.

    Is it?? – Hahaha i dont know. NO! But look at their faces!

    Anyway, I like what he’s doing with these coloured pencils, it’s like what you learn in drawing school.

    Yes, classic art-school-style. And it’s from 1985 so yes, maybe it is from his art school years. Can you imagine one day someone digs up everything you did in art school? Haha.

    Oh gawd, no, please don’t.

    I think this could also be like a Constance Tenvik show.

    Sure, it reminds me of her work, but it is a little less finished and deliberate, the drawings are more organic and weirdly psychological. Like the Nickelodeon version of Francis Bacon. And look at that fisting going on over here…

    Yes, very nice. I also thought it’s kind of wild to see his capacity for academic drawing and attention to detail, randomly dropped within sketchy, expressive, line figures.

    You know what! I’m really into academic drawings these days.

    OOooOOooOOhhhh. You know what, I think the first one is still my favourite

    The gremlin is mine.

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