Jule Listicle

  • The year of 2017 is coming to a close and it’s the season to make peace with the year that has passed. What did you do? What happened? What was best? What was worst? Who did you make friends with? Who are your new enemies? While you ponder all of this, we have compiled a nonsensical listicle for your juletid-enjoyment.  🙂 

    1.  #mangekvinner

    Mean Girls, art edition

    2.  Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim and Andy and the Great Beyond, video still

    This documentary follows Jim Carrey fully transformed into Andy Kaufmann on the set of Man in the Moon. The film is a bio pic about the comedian, and now, FINALLY, a recognized artist. There is mystery as to weather or not Andy Kaufmann faked his own death. When it’s over, everybody form conspiracy theories. BONUS** 2013 posthumous Andy Kaufmann art exhibition

    3.  Full-on Ingmar Bergman Movie MARATHON

    Fanny and Alexander, video still

    ** Project your year of feelings through the TV.

    4.  READ THIS: Did Kevin From ‘Home Alone’ Grow Up to Be Jigsaw? and then watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 with a fresh new perspective 

    Harry gets toasted in Home Alone

    5.  Jørn Hoel

    Jørn Hoel, Varme ut av is

    6.  Confront your uncle with that #metoo situation

    Lars Von Trier

    7.  Acquire a Squatty Potty

    Squatty Potty: how it works

    8.  Gato Negro and your mum

    Gato Negro

    9.  Verden er ikke bra nok vi er perfekt

    Silent Night