Highlights from Athens: Władysław Strzemiński

Documenta14, EMST—National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens

  • In a series of articles we present our findings and impressions of the exhibition Documenta14 in Athens. Today we discuss a dazzling painting by Władysław Strzemiński.

    This is a nice painting, nice brush strokes and colors. It reminds me of a puzzle.

    Yeah, but then you read the wall text, where he goes on about some theory of vision, and you see that the motive could be like those squiggly things floating in front of your vision after having looked at the sun. Or that meme when you rub your eyes too hard and start falling into another dimension.

    mm. What else.. It reminded me of Munch’s The Sun, notice the orange piece on the right side, how it’s radiating blue, red, yellow colors.

    Yea. He basically painted it at the same time as American abstract expressionism happened. Which was all about being very big and heroic, using a giant brush. But these are small, delicate things, using a tiny brush, depicting something small and personal. I mean, what you see behind your eyelids when your eyes are closed.

    It really caught my eye

    It really caught my eye too