Clare Milledge at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Performance at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo

  • Hi Victoria, whazzzapppp,

    I saw a performance by Clare Milledge last week, and I think you would have liked it too! Milledge, an Australian artist, had made different scenes about chirping birds, mating rituals and a wicked girl with whips. The performance happened inside Tori Wrånes’ Hot Pocket, as she and the museum got a performance program going to accompany her exhibition. Milledge covered the museum in bright blue light and adorned the back wall with a hand sewn curtain. Two boys entered in long white robes with big sleeves, and big, bird-beak-like hats. They ascended to the top of the cake-scene in almost perfect synchronicity to perform some kind of greeting procedure, different poses and exercises. It was sermonical, but also like a mating ritual, and they were certainly very nice to look at. With white painted faces and hair, they could also be Roman sculptures. Then entered a little character with long orange hair covering her face, almost like that girl from The Ring, carrying two whips. She spun them above her head and smacked them about with sensual and erotic intensity. It was violent too, and I think there’s something about a petite person with a lot of power, maybe something for the S&M clubs. At least I found myself rubbing my hands in delight whenever she made a perfect whip. She also made me think of Little My by Tove Jansson, another very serious and resolute character, but that’s from a children’s book. Oh well. The boys escorted her out in a wheelbarrow, and that was that. Lately we have talked about art and accessibility, and this was an example of art that could speak to “everyone”, I think, even though what exactly happened was kinda cryptic. But all the different tableaus were very nice to look at, intriguing, well executed and generous. It was a good show

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