Jule Listicle

While you reflect on the past year, we have compiled a nonsensical listicle for your juletid-enjoyment.  :-)  [Read more]

Release and talkshow with Vi ser på kunst

“If there’s a crisis in art criticism, it might pertain to what and how to say something about art, or why say anything at all. We want to spark conversations less constipated by art speak and pompous analysis. More like a creative diarrhea.” [Read more]

Learning from Athens

Toiling through the tourist packed streets and un-air-conditioned venues of Athens, looking at each and every one of the artworks was a most demanding task. In the following weeks we will be presenting our findings from Documenta14 in neat and uncomplicated articles. [Read more]

Summer read

We have started our summer in Athens, looking at Documenta 14. More on that later! For now we thought we would share some study tips to fill your cozy days at the cabin, lonely nights in thunderstorms, hiding from drunk relatives, or lazy days at the beach. [Read more]

How to be a Sami artist

"And maybe, when I talk about my own work too, I want to say that a more Sami way of acting is to be peaceful. Not necessarily, but maybe we do activism in other manners." Interview with Geir Tore Holm [Read more]

Vi ser på kunst som er morsom

Men jeg vet ikke om kunst “fungerer” i det hele tatt, jeg vet bare at jeg blir glad av å se bra kunst, av å se liksom en ild, eller noen som trosser all logikk eller økonomiske hensyn for å lage ting som de bare vil se [Read more]


A conversation with Daisuke Kosugi and Ina Hagen on their new space, Louise Dany. "... and we enjoy being hosts. Our hope is to initiate some kind of artistic community." [Read more]

49 timer i Lofoten

Der andre andre kunstmønstringer tviler på formatet via ulne tematikker eller uendelig utstrekning i tid, har Lofoten internasjonale kunstfestival utvilsomt funnet sin form. [Read more]

Dreaming in America

Looking at these videos is like watching "The Kardashians", the plot is going nowhere, but I could still watch it forever. [Read more]

Deilig er julen

Balansen mellom frenetiske forsøk på glamour og allminnelig klumsing var komisk og svært inderlig. Navnet, De Naive, spiller kanskje også på dette litt dumdristige prosjektet om å oppnå motebladenes retusjerte utseende live på scenen, eller de hysteriske kravene om å lage en perfekt jul. [Read more]

John Savio på Studiesalen

Nesebeinet og kjevepartiet er tydelig markert, som en modell fra catwalken, og han har veldig fine lepper. Det er hemmelighetsfullt. Leppene, arret, trekkene i ansiktet blir en del av det stridige landskapet. Bildet virker skjært ut i fortrolighet. [Read more]


The first thing that Matias Faldbakkens “Effects of good government in the pit” brings to mind is a certain curiosity about the title. Faldbakkken comes from a very literary family and he has written several novels himself. So I should take his text most seriously. I wondered if the... [Read more]

Ut i vår hage

I et gammelt bilverksted på Galgeberg arrangerte Maria Pasenau og Victoria Duffee utstillingen  Secret Garden, Oslos første kunstbiennale. “Biennale” høres flott og storslagent ut, som en internasjonal affære. Samtidig virker en hemmelige hage som et fortrolig fellesskap hvor en deler intime erfaringer og personlige detaljer. [Read more]

Sing Your Life

Barcode is all glass, concrete and sharp edges; only sexy if you’re into cold steel, refrigerator white things. Nevertheless, “Sexy Bydel” was the name of the performance-musical in Barcode last Friday. [Read more]

Lines and Caricatures

Schloss opened their season last week showing early drawings and caricatures by the mysterious artist Olav Bøkestad. Bøkestad, however, is the psevdonym of the more famous photographer Torbjørn Rødland. [Read more]

Clothing for the Apocalypse

HAiKw/ had teamed up with a crew of butoh dancers for their fashion show at this season’s Oslo Runway. The performance was very powerful, and it reminded us of the trouble of deciding what to wear, atom bombs, and Beyonce’s dress in Lemonade. [Read more]

Highlights from Athens: “The Greek Way”

The stills are nudies of athletic boys in a range of different poses, all of them smeared across with some kind of medium to give them a haute art, torrid style appearance, but in the end it just looks careless and as unloved as mass produced hotel art. [Read more]

Highlights from Athens: Lionel Wendt

I like the titillating look of the models, and  how this white fabric is gushing forward. The model seems so much in his own mind, doing his thing. And also very conscious of how good he looks and that someone is taking his photo. [Read more]

Highlights from Athens: “Why Are You Angry?”

"... the models are looking straight into the camera with this accepting look. Like they’re aware of the “gaze”, and so they gaze back. The women retain a sense of dignity, as if in control. However, I think there’s trouble here for sure." [Read more]

Highlights from Athens: “Sámi Flag Project”

Persen’s work had a pride, dignity, defiance, and a kind of celebration to it. Only her newer work was less fortunate. It seemed to represent the flags of Norway and Sweden, the Sami people's oppressors, but its cold, designed look, took away some of that original sting and energy. [Read more]